Absolutely White

Κατασκευαστής: Design for Fitness
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The fitness gloves for girls that have sports lifestyle. They prevent the bar from slipping the barbell or dumbbell in the hand and protect from rubbing and other possible damages.

The gloves made in suede material (palm) and "breathing" spandex (top). The palm lined with suede and additional foam padding, and equipped with a non-slip coating.

The gloves made in according with anatomical features of the hand, so they fit perfectly on the palm and guaranteeing comfort during training.


- from suede material;

- soft seals on the palm;

- non-slip coating;

- hypoallergenic fabric;

- made in according with anatomical features of the palm;

- composition: 60% suede material, 40% spandex.

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Absolutely White

11.24€ 18.73€